Ranitha Lovina - Accounting Supervisor

Lovina is the accounting supervisor of Radiance Clinic. She is nationally certified and a member of several professional organizations. She also has trained in cosmetic dentistry and has more than 6 years of experience in aesthetic field.

In early 2013, she did advanced training for laser treatments in Tokyo, Japan, followed by master symposium of eyes rejuvenation in Australia on 2014. Lovina has performed hundreds of laser treatments and embodies our commitment at Radiance Clinic of safety and results in our laser practice. She is specialized in laser skin treatments including laser hair removal, photo-rejuvenation, eTwo sublime and sublative skin resurfacing laser and cosmetic dentistry.

Lifke Bengi

Lifke has been a registered nurse since 2009. Having worked on a general surgical ward for 1 and a half years in Manado, Lifke has extensive surgical nursing background. She left hospital nursing to pursue a career as an aesthetic nurse.

Since working as an aesthetic nurse practitioner, she has become fully trained and has gained considerable experience in laser hair removal and laser skin rejuvenation treatment, skin care, chemical peeling and microdermabrasion. After training in Tokyo, Japan in 2013, she is highly skilled performing the latest radio frequency treatment specifically eTwo sublime and sublative.

Devi Cintyani - Aesthetic Supervisor

After graduated from one of the reputable university in Java on 2010, Devi continued practicing as midwife for 2 years before decided to try something really different from her previous profession.

Within only 2 years, she has showed great progress in cosmetic medicine. She is highly capable in injection and facial treatments, and in late 2014 she has finished radio frequency training in Singapore to enhance her skill and experience.

Ayu Dwijayanthi

Ayu is the newest member of our aesthetic nurse squad. Having trained in public hospital during her school years, she had done thousands of injectable procedures. In relatively short time, she has mastered aesthetic procedures especially in microdermabrasion, chemical peeling and facial treatments. In addition, she has just successfully gained dental training certificate.

With her calm and gentle nature, Ayu always makes sure that her patients feel comfortable and put them at ease in any treatments they have.

Eka Pratiwi - Dental Supervisor

Eka is register nurse since 2010, she is graduated front nursing school in Java. She has experience work in hospital in Intensive care Unit for 3 years.

Start 2016 eka has aesthetic training such as in microdermabrasion, chemical peeling, laser and newest treatment in clinic microneedling. She is very humble, energetic and kind.


Nia has graduated from Polytechnic of Health Denpasar in 2015 as a registered nurse. She has experience as general practitioner’s assistant from 2015 and from 2017 up until now she pursued her career as an aesthetic nurse.

She is cheerful and energetic. She also willing to learn about new things in aesthetic field.

For her, being an aesthetic is fun yet challenging and also keep her up to date to the latest beauty treatments.

She has several training experiences such as Medlite C6 Laser, hair removal laser, resurfacing laser, advance chemical peeling treatment and microdermabrasion.

Sri Yudiari - Marketing Supervisor

Sri Yudiari is our marketing supervisor. She has a great passion on hospitality industry. With 6 years' international experience including in Bali and Singapore, she always shows an excellent customer services.

She is popular among our customer, thanks to her cheerful personality and being helpful as she always make sure that every clients will have a wonderful experience in Radiance Clinic.


Mega is our new receptionist, freshly graduated from Udayana University.

She gained her Bachelor of Arts and is mastering English well. She had learned a lot about hospitality industry and shows great interest on it.

Her friendly personality makes everyone feel welcome. She ensures every client is well assisted.

Restu Bardalia

Restu is sweet lady work as accountant with certified public accountant with more than 5 years of experience in ledger processes and account reconciliations.

Citra Danayati

I am citra, I am a good person. Sweet and loving.
I graduated from Udayana nursing  University 2015.
I have worked in the pharmacy department for 2 years.

The reason I work here is because I feel that aesthetics is exciting and i know a lot about beauty. Because for me beauty must be maintained and cared for.
My activities at the clinic is to do treatments such as Aqua Glow, Laser Hair Removal. And in every action done at the clinic I always prioritize the comfort of patients.


Her name is suni. She is from Karangasem. She graduated from STIkes Bali on July 2018 and got license as a registered nurse. She had been trained in several hospitals and public health. In 2019, she joined Radiance Bali as an aesthetic nurse because she is interested in aesthetic field. At Radiance Bali, she has learned so many things about aesthetic treatments.

Suni is happy and easy going person can handle many different situation. Her passion to learn more in aesthetic field will pumping her learn quickly in aesthetic and dental division. She likes to do those treatments and will do the best for the patient to make them comfortable.


Rahayu graduated from Politeknik Kesehatan Denpasar in 2010 and worked in Inhouse Clinic for 2 years straight after her graduation. In 2012 Rahayu continued her education in Udayana University for her Bachelor degree of Public Health. When studied in University, she also works as a dental assistant at Denpasar for 1,5 years.

After finishing her studies, Rahayu worked in local aesthetic clinic as front liner and then catch her dream as aesthetic nurse in aesthetic clinic that concern in body shaping treatment.

In 2019, Rahayu joined Radiance Bali as nurse and trained to several cities in Indonesia like Jakarta and Bandung. Rahayu is very excited to learn about new things and she is doing some treatment such as chemical peeling, aquaglo, hollywood laser peel and injections. Also her passion in dental division veneers, scaling and teeth whitening become her passion.

Her commitment to be excellent in clinic is high.


Bella Danies was born in Jembrana, Feb 20th 1997. She graduated from one of public institutions in Bali, Politeknik Kesehatan Denpasar. She got her License as a registered nurse in 2018. During her college years, she got many nursing hard skills and surely can be applied in aesthetic field. Before she joined Radiance Clinic, she did homecare for a few months and work at a private laboratory.

Beside those nursing hard skills, Bella also got nursing soft skills like caring, that can make the patient feel comfortable. Other than caring, she also known as a friendly and easy going person.

She has interest with aesthetic field and willing to learn more about it to expand her knowledge and pursue her career in this field.

Her activities at the clinic is to do treatments such as aqua glow, chemical peeling, laser hair removal and injections.

Yoga Antara - Graphic Designer

Yoga is a kind and funny person.  His work spirit deserves a thumbs up, any work done without complaining.  starting from office boy now deepening as a graphic designer for Radiance clinic.  the hope of advancing with skill is very high