Well today was finally the day I got to visit the beautiful Dr Siti at Radiance to have my upper and lower blephoraplasty done. Procedure was 1 and a half hours. Painless. Not in any pain at the moment. I think it looks worse than it is because of bruising. First photo after if taken sedative. Next one just before when they had marked my eyes. Photo 3 was straight after and last photo taken 8 ours after. Will keep you all posted. Even took photo of skin and fat they removed. Happy to share if any one wants to see. So glad I had it done and look forward to the next stage of Botox

D.D Perth

I am still using the hgh. I am feeling very well and healthy, i haven't been sick since taking the hgh and my knee is feeling much stronger now.

G.R Sydney

The result was just brilliant! I can no longer frown, which is an amusement to my children when I tell them off. I look forward to a little top up in May 2013 when I'm next in Bali Thank you so much for your wonderful work.

B.K Sydney

I'm indeed very happy with my results and glad I took the plunge, thanks to my friend Jackie who accompanied me to your clinic. I have slight creases still showing between the brow, which is good, I didn't want to look too frozen, so a more natural, without the deep lines look is what I preferred.I feel much younger and fresher and everybody thinks I must have had a great holiday and relax ! We plan on coming back next year and will look you up again for a review and perhaps more treatment.

M.D New Zealand

Thanks doing well with amazing results but I think my eye lids have dropped a little not badly but slightly.

K.B Melbourne

I am fine thank you very much for your enquiry. The treatment is great had no bruises or pain, every-one thinks I look so much younger.

R.D Darwin

Thank you for your enquiry. Yes I am very happy with the result and feel that I look less tired and it has improved the fold on the lower half on the left side, as you stated that is the side that I sleep on. Once again thankyou and I hope to see you again next year. Will keep in touch. Hope that this email finds you well.

M.W Darwin

My botox looks gorgeous and I absolutely love the results… I am back in november for a couple of days so I would like to book in for a light chemical peel for my face…

A.Y Sydney

Botox is working great. Niki is the one that got the filler but when I left Bali hers was looking really good too. We are all happy and planning a girls weekend for a top up in about 4 months. Thanks to you and your assists all a great experience. I will recommend you highly. Look forward to seeing you in a few months.

Lisa Perth

Thank you. I am well, very happy with your work. Have had several people notice your work. Very impressive and yet subtle. Thanks. Botox next time!!!

D.F Perth

Such a lovely surprise to hear from you. I am really good and very pleased and happy with my eyes. People notice I look better but can not guess what is different..I tell some but keep the others guessing.

J.T Perth

I cannot commend Doctor and her staff highly enough and would have no hesitation recommending her professional services to other travellers seeking great support and excellent natural looking results.

L.H Melbourne