Testosteron Injection

Testosteron is a male hormon that responsible for development of sexual maturity characteristics such as voice, pubic hair, muscle growth, bone growth, and affects sexual function and sexual desire. By normal aging process, testosterone levels in men can be decreasing. Low testosterone may result in decreased libido, weak or no erections, low or lower sperm counts, and increased breast size (gynecomastia).

Testosterone injection is considered safe and effective way to replace the deficit of this hormone. Some advantages are:

  • muscle and strength improvement
  • body hair and skin thickening
  • improvement in sexual desire
  • decreased irritability and depression
  • fat reduction
  • dramatic physical feeling immediately after the injection; some men like the “boost”
Recommended Dosage

Some laboratory test will be done before the doctor can decide whether you are eligible for this treatment. The dose will depend on the person’s health conditions and testosterone levels in blood, it can be given once in every two to three weeks. We use Sustanon® 250 by Organon.


This product is administered by intramuscularly (IM).

Side Effects

Some side effects reported was change in libido, hypertension, GI upset, acne, and allergic reaction.