Laser Medlite C6

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The Medlite C6 laser offers a comprehensive answer to eliminating sunspots, freckles, brown spots, and hyperpigmentation. Skin rejuvenation with this technology is easy, safe, and seamless.

With its non-invasive energy waves, the laser is able to promote collagen building and treatment a plethora of skin-related concerns.
Radiance clinic offers a set of treatment options including Medlite to deliver exceptional results. The laser does this by using photoacoustic waves to help vibrate collagen fibers and revitalize one’s skin.

The session will require 45 minutes to complete with an additional 5-6 sessions spread out with 3-4 week intervals as deemed necessary. Patients are welcome to come in for additional treatments upon the completion of their initial set of sessions.

How soon will results start to appear upon completion of the laser skin rejuvenation procedure?

It requires 2-3 months before the full effect of this procedure is noticeable. Most patients will start to see changes instantaneously with continuous progression in the coming months.